Railway Controller with Modular Structure

Built to address a variety of applications in the railway track-side and rolling stock installations, the QUASAR controller optimally combines modularity, versatility and isolated peripheral interfaces with an embedded x86 CPU ideally suitable for LINUX applications. The challenge of railway systems is the requirement of different I/O configurations and functionalities for each project. The QUASAR is ideal to address this complexity, enabling the construction of systems using pre-certified modules. Realiability, failure recovery and safety(SIL)is a result of the use of intelligent purpose-built I/O modules, each with their own processor.

Compliance to EN50155, EN60255 and EN50121 standards, which are applicable to rolling stock installed devices, makes the QUASAR an ideal general platform for railway systems engineers to implement on-board systems which require the highest operational reliability, outstanding EMC performance and safety. The QUASAR architecture bases on the ability to recover from system faults, isolating failed I/O interfaces and diagnosing the status of all I/O interfaces during operation. Support for various TCMS networks is available including Ethernet with safety bypass, FIP, CAN and MVB as well as common wireless communication using 3G/LTE or 802.11 WiFi.

Duragon Systems, jointly with its partner CELYSS, can provide turnkey and engineered railway solutions basing on QIUASAR for dedicated applications. Our engineering and programming experience can be used to accelerate project completion.


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