On-board Railway Dynamic Route Map (DRM) Systems

Traditional Railway Passenger Information systems have based on a coach PC-server with LCD-displays attached to it using VGA or HDMI cables and repeaters or media converters. This centralized system has several challenges and limitations. The DRM-series intelligent train Passenger Information Displays enable a HD-resolution visual experience delivering rich media content using a distributed architecture. Display signals or display information is not sent through the vehicle. Each DRM-display manages its own content delivery synchronized to control information received from the train signaling system or TCMS over a daisy-chained Ethernet reducing the complexity of in-car wiring and cost.

A power-efficient 6-core 64-bit RK3399 SOC processor with advanced LINUX firmware controls the operation of the DRM and the delivery of rich media content including animations, effects, static images as well as HD-video. No host train coach PIS servers are required for streaming, as media is stored in each device and can be updated using the service WiFi or over Ethernet. The application software is LINUX based, enabling integrators to use the platform independent QT toolchain for the graphical interface design and compile their QT application to work on the DRM-series displays. These open SW interfaces and development toolchains accelerate project completion, and enables systems integrators to easily maintain their applications.

The DRM-series railway displays can connect directly to the vehicle's 110VDC power rail. Proprietary multi-stage protection and filtering circuitry and the isolated power supply is designed to exceed the requirements of EMC and immunity standards EN50155 and EN50121.

Duragon Systems can provide customization services, which can include engineering, production and certification. Available options include different LCD sizes, ranging from 28" to 48", various aspect ratios (16;3 and 16:1.5), mechanical and enclosure solutions, as well as project specific functionalities or SW interfaces to other onboard systems.

The figure below illstrates an Ethernet ETBN system with DG-DRM48E-R connected to the consist network switches using a single port with daisy chain downstream Ethernet for other DRM. The internal Ethernet switch in each DG-DRM48E-R has failsafe automatic bypass relays, which enables network healing and operation in case one node should fail.


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