Advanced On-board Bus ITS Systems Support Smart City Design

In building components for advanced ITS systems, Duragon Systems has concentrated in developing technologies and innovative solutions for bus ITS application. Traditionally, on-board systems on buses have been splintered, consisting of a mix-and-match of many devices from multiple vendors, making maintainance, service and integration a challenge. The cost of ownership of such a solution can be high, and functionality can be compromized. Duragon Systems has taken a top-down approach into creating a platform, which combines all the common requirements of a modern high availability Bus ITS system into one device.

The integrated DURION controller, referred to as a "Single Control Unit-SCU" includes:

  • Purpose-built low power high performance computer with solid state storage
  • System management, monitoring and failure recovery microcontroller
  • 3G/LTE modem for mobile connectivity
  • Multi-constallation GNSS supported by sensor based real time kinematic navigation
  • WiFi for depot-area networking
  • Bidirectional audio emergency voice call
  • 4-channel DVR
  • CAN-interface for vehicle data acquisition from FMS or OBD II
  • Isolated Digital I/O for direct vehicle signal interfacing
  • Inbuilt CODEC and stereo amplifiers for announcements and infotainment
  • 10/100Mbit Ethernet for in-vehicle ITxPT communication
  • Serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485) for AFC system or LED display interfacing
  • Digital driver console display interface
  • In-vehicle peripheral power conditioning and distribution

Integrating On-Board Systems

The advantage of using an SCU, is the simplification of on-board ITS systems integration and as a result, reducing overall cost in both modernization and new-production installations. Software development and maintenance is simplified, and service is easier to manage. The DURION BUS-PC is an uncompromizing purpose-built system covering all bus transportation applications, combining all interfaces, peripherals and required power supplies into one.


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