QUASAR-DS - Modular Railway Diagnostics Controller


The QUASAR™-DS is a rugged purpose-built fully integrated modular train data acquisition and diagnostics Gateway targeting metro and locomotive condition-based maintenance and real time remote diagnostics applications. Compliant with internationally recognized railway standards applicable for onboard systems, the QUASAR-DS is an ideal platform for addressing various interfacing and I/O requirements. The system is modular and available in entry-level and full-functionality versions depending on the project requirements. Included are wireless communication interfaces, Basic 24/110VDC voltage system I/O, high accuracy navigation capabilities with an ultra-low power multi-core ARM processor supported by a 32-bit CORTEX M4 system management coprocessor. The internal architecture enables advanced self-diagnostics and failure recovery.

Designed in an ultra-compact “heavy duty” die-cast powder coated conduction cooled aluminium enclosure, the QUASAR-DS includes rugged connectors for power, control and I/O, M12 connectors for Ethernet, locking antenna connectors for LTE/WiFi and GNSS. QUASAR-DS has a wide input range (24-110VDC) nominal isolated train PSU with advanced input protection and multi-stage filtering.

The QUASAR-DS optimally balances integration and functionality. The full version includes Dual Ethernet Interfaces, RS-485 serial and Analogue/Digital Inputs, CAN with J1939 Bus protocol support, 1x HD video Input for external or driver space monitoring. The CPU module can support FIP and MVB interfaces, which enable direct data interrogation from the train network.

The QUASAR supports European and ASAN bands for Sub 6GHz 5G connectivity with globally roaming multi-operator eSIM technology. The eSIM enables remotely configurable and managed connectivity services, which is optimal for railway systems. The Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 based 5G modem solution supports fall-back to LTE, in case there is no 5G coverage. 5G enabled systems are available in Q2/2021.

Entry-Level QUASAR-DS-E
The entry-level QUASAR™-DS System targets basic asset monitoring and signal interfacing applications. The System bases on the QUASAR-DS System Management Controller (SMC), which manages the local Inputs, the J1939 CAN-bus as well as the LTE-modem and GNSS receiver. The low power ARM CORTEX M4 architecture SMC supports battery back-up mode in case main power is interrupted or becomes disconnected. The SMC also includes temperature monitoring, supply voltage monitoring as well as a 3-axis accelerometer, which can be used to detect bumps as well as acceleration and braking behaviour. The firmware of the SCM includes the protocol interface to the Trimble Rail Asset Monitoring software, while project specific interfaces can be included in the firmware case-by-case. Block Diagram included below:


Full Diagnostics QUASAR-DS-F
The full QUASAR™-DS System includes all the parts of the entry-level system complimented with a high performance 6-core RK3399 Linux Application processor. Additional interfaces include dual fast Ethernet interfaces, Mass storage, 1x HD analogue camera interfaces with H.264 compression and storage, as well as expansion with FIP and MVB interfaces. This dual processor architecture enables fail safe operation of critical tasks in case the application processor fails. Furthermore, the SMC can force a power recycling and reset of the application processor. The LTE modem and the GNSS receiver can be attached to the SMC in failsafe mode, or to the application processor in normal operating mode. The QUASAR-DS-F includes a client software module, which seamlessly integrates all available train and location data with the Trimble Real Time Remote Diagnostics software suite. Block Diagram included below:


Duragon Systems, jointly with its partner CELYSS, can provide turnkey engineered railway solutions basing on the QUASAR for dedicated applications. Our engineering and programming experience can be used to accelerate project completion.

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  • Client for TRIMBLE Real Time Remote Asset Monitoring System (R2M)
  • RK3399 6-core 2GHz ARM CPU + Cortex M4
  • 2GB DDR3L RAM, 16GB eMMC Flash, SD
  • 2x GBIT Ethernet, 1x RS485 Serial Ports
  • J1939 CAN with protocol coprocessor
  • Isolated 24V-level 3x Digital, 3x Analogue Inputs
  • IRNSS/GPS/GLONASS navigation
  • 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi, LTE/3G, Bluetooth
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 based sub 6GHz 5G modem
  • 24/72/110VDC Isolated PSU, LiPO battery
  • 1x HD Analogue camera input
  • Outstanding immunity and EMC performance
  • EN50155 and EN50121 Compliant
  • Operational temperature: -25°C/+70°C
  • Die-cast powder coated aluminum enclosure
  • J1939 CAN based Diesel Locomotive Diagnostics
  • Train Real Time Remote Diagnistics
  • Onboard Data Acquisition
  • Outside and Driver Cabin Video Recording
  • MVB, FIP, J1939 Wireless Gateway
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