DG-PID32-R - Intelligent 32" Full-HD 16:9 LCD Train PID


DG-PID32-R is a rugged stand-alone Intelligent Railway Passenger Information Display for train, metro and tram applications which require high service reliability and easy integration with other onboard systems. The PID32-R bases on a 6-core 64 bit ARM CPU, which includes Duragon’s proprietary firmware and graphiics applciation platform. The intelligent display can deliver media content combining live video and animations with static or changing images on the HD resolution display. Route and operational service information can be combined with rich media content.

TCMS data integration can be done using Ethernet, MVB or RS-485. The PID32-R does not require a coach PID Server PC; it can operate autonomously controlled by the train operational data. This capability is ideal for modernization and upgrading projects. Multiple PID32-R display units can be connected in a master-slaves configuration where the master connects to the TCMS while slaves connect to the master over RS-485. Local storage is used to store media content, which can be updated under the control of the main PIS server at the depot over WiFi. A PID32-R master device can include an internal 3G/LTE modem for system service and management access.

The Duragon PID-R series displays can be powered directly from the 110VDC power rail of the train. A proprietary multi-stage protection and filtering circuitry is designed to exceed the requirements of EMC and immunity standards.

Duragon Systems can provide customization services which can include engineering, production and certification. Available are different LCD sizes ranging from 28" to 48", enclosure solutions as well as project specific functionalities or SW interfaces to other onboard systems.

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