DURION BDC - 7" PCAP Bus Driver Console


The DURION™ BDC is designed to compliment the DURION™ BUS-PC, adding a rugged Bus Driver Console (BDC) to the system. This BDC is an integrated display unit, combining an automotive grade 7" LCD display, a Projected Capacitive Touchscreen, Capacitive Function/Pushbutton keys and an internal power supply. The LCD element is optically bonded to the hardened capacitive touchscreen glass. The Pushbuttons are included in the touchglass, logically operating as individual true keyboard keys created through the PCAP touchcontroller firmware. The durable capacitive touchscreen and non-mechanical buttons are sensitive and fully maintenance free. The surface of the BDC is continuous glass, making cleaning of the surface easy.

The BDC connects with the BUS-PC with DuroLink II, a fully digital serialized interface, which combines LCD-native 18-bit LVDS data with power and a buffered I2C interface. This technology replaces the traditional bundle of power, VGA and USB cables and their connectors with a single shielded CAT6 cable and a sealed M12 connector. The Duragon Systems BDC is built into a rigid CNC-machined aluminum frame providing ideal protection for the PCAP glass, which is embedded and flush mounted into the frame creating a sealed IP65 construction. The rear side includes VESA75 mounting holes. External mechanical customization is possible to acommodate different mounting requirements.

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  • Rugged, sealed and compact design
  • 7" 800 x 480 resolution automotive LCD
  • 152.4 x 91.44mm active viewing area
  • 500cd/m2 brightness, 600:1 contrast
  • Auto-adjusting LED Backlight
  • Optically bonded Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
  • 4x PCAP Funtion keys, F1, UP, DN, ENTER
  • DuroLink II digital interface with M12 connector
  • Supporting live cable connection
  • Cable lengths up to 5m (standard 2.5m)
  • Power Supply nominal +12V (from Bus-PC)
  • -25 to +80°C operating temperature range
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • IP65 Ingress protection
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  • Durion BUS-PC Driver Console
  • Vehicle PIS Interface
  • Vehicle Diagnostics Display
  • Console for Digital Signage
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Tomi Hanninen


  • Fully interated PCAP Touchscreen Display
  • 4x illuminated Function Keys
  • Autoadjusting LED backlight
  • Serialized digital interface
  • Sealed rugged enclosure
  • Industrial temperature range -25 to +85°


  • Automotive grade 7" widescreen, 800 x 480 resolution
  • Native 18-bit LVDS interface control
  • 500nit brightness, 600:1 contrast
  • 152.4 x 91.44mm active viewing area
  • -30 to +85°C operating temperature
  • LED backlight with ambient light sensing
  • Optically bonded to capacitive touch-glass


  • Integrated touchglass with touchscreen and buttons
  • High sensitivity and fast response time
  • Superior optical characteristics compared to resistive technology
  • Fully customized touchcontroller firmware
  • Independent 4x capacitive buttons
  • Pushbuttons mapped to F1, UP, DN, ENTER keys
  • Uniform durable surface sealed to enclosure frame


  • Digital DuroLink II Interface
  • Serialized, high-speed differential interface
  • 18-bit LVDS, I2C and Power in a single cable
  • Improved EMI performance from spread spectrum modulation
  • Enables Single CAT6 cable with M12 connectors
  • Supports live inserting and removal of cable
  • Up to 5m cable, Standard cable 2.5m


  • CNC cut aluminum enclosure
  • Weight (TBD)
  • Dimensions (TBD)
  • M12 interface connector


  • -25 ~ +80°C operating temperature
  • 95% RH, non condensing
  • IP65 ingress protection
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