Bangkok - November 29th, 2023 - Duragon's ER- and DR-series Edge Routers now support AIS140 protocol. All message types are included. The rash driving monitoring leverages the data of the onboard 3D accelerometer. All routers include an emergency button button input, which will trigger the correct emergency message to predefined IP addresses. The AIS140 operational configuration is performed using SMS with a dedicated protocol.

LTE450 networks are dedicated to public safety and government related organizations. The ACS-450 M.2 Modem is compatible with all ER- and DR-series routers and can be installed in the internal M.2 modem expansion slot. In case two M.2 slots are available, the router can include a modem for LTE450 and a standard 2x2 5G MIMO modem working in parallel. The ACS-450 supports voice calls with a full mono audio interface and on-board 3.1W amplifier. Availability for the ACS-450 is Q1/2024.

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