DURION-DR01 Integrated Computer and Sub 6GHz 5G MIMO Railway/Bus Router

Berlin - September 22nd, 2022 - Launched at the INNOTRANS 2022 event in Berlin, the DURION-DR01 enables onboard railway systems to seamlessly migrate to support the latest 5G MIMO technology. Built around a multiprocessor architecture, the DR01 uniquely combines a Quad Core Linux ARM application processor, dedicated Layer 3 routing processor and an embedded CORTEX M0 microcontroller. The core router connects to the application processor with an internal Ethernet interface and to the 5G-modem using USB3.0. Four Gbit Ethernet ports are available for external connectivity.

The core router bases on a dedicated WRT-Linux, with support for device and modem management. Router VPN, VLAN, Firewall and Link settings are configurable using a Web-based LUCY interface.

The DURION-DR01 includes a ADR or UDR GNSS subsystem, which can connect to an external wheeltick speed signal or use speed data of the J1939 vehicle CAN bus. Such an RTK assisted navigation solution enables navigation in urban canyon, covered terminals or underground tunnels with high accuracy. Other interfaces include dual RS-485, RS-232, Audio I/O and general-purpose digital outputs. Both uSIM and soldered down eSIM are supported.

Designed in an ultra-compact extruded aluminium case, the DURION-DR01 is ideal for vehicle upgrade programs which require routing and applications software. The application processor can interface to onboard systems such as passenger counters, preprocess data and use MQTT to connect to back-end systems. Due to its multiprocessor architecture, the application processor can execute any user software independently of the WRT Router making application development easier.

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