DG-DN8255 - Duro-Net Railway Power-Line Modem

The Duro-Net DG-DN8255 is a pupose built railway Power-Line Modem which can be used with 24/110VDC or 240VAC power lines. Included is a embedded self adaption filter and communication controller, which ensure the best performance under different electrical environments and different media. The DG-DN8255 is ideal for modernisation and upgrade projects, where no additional cabling is available for creating a train-wide TCP/IP Ethenet network. One Power-Line modem is configured as the master device, which support several hundreds of slave devices on the same network.

Every SLAVE is paired with the MASTER device, which is typically located in the Driver Cab attached to the HMI. A SLAVE node can communicate with the MASTER node and any other SLAVE node, which has been paired with the same MASTER device on the train. Typically SLAVE nodes are conected to the Coach-Controller of the PI-System. With a train-wide Ethenet network, announcement audio files and messages can be updated easily from a single point from the main PIS HMI in the Driver Cab.

The modem is based on wavelet OFDM (Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) technology. It has unique advantages, which include:

  • Efficient use of the available bandwidth
  • Sharp side band rejection since signals is orthogonal in both frequency and time domains
  • Wavelet OFDM is the only technology, which can pass EMC regulations
  • Strong noise rejection capability
  • Silicon-level AES 128 encryption
  • Transparent 10/100Mbit Ethernet interface with zero configuration

The DG-DN8255 is available in three variants:

  • DG-DN8255-01 for 24/48VDC powered systems such as Diesel locomotive trains or trams
  • DG-DN8255-02 for 74/110VDC powered train systems
  • DG-DN8255-03 for 240VAC line powered systems
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