Hong Kong - Bangkok, November 9th, 2017 – Dragontech Systems, a leading provider of systems and integrated solutions for bus and railway transportation has been selected to supply the onboard infotainment system for city buses operated by BMTC, Bangalore Metro Transport Company.

Partnering with Metro Wave Media, a specialist company in mobile infotainment systems integration, Dragontech will supply all the critical components for the in-vehicle bus infotainment system. This advanced infotainment system delivers rich media and advertising content based on location combined with route and operative information. Two large 32" high resolution displays are installed at either end of the bus. The core system is fully purpose-built, including unique features such as 3D sensor-based inertial navigation. Switching from GNSS navigation to 3D sensor navigation is immediate and seamless, making navigation possible underground or in covered route sections where satellite signals are not available.

Duragon Systems, a dedicated systems engineering company in Thailand, will undertake the design and development tasks of the hardware and software for this new system. Duragon Systems is a dedicated business unit geared for R&D, technology development and systems integration. Duragon Systems, a sister company of Dragontech, will contribute to the global solution development and hardware design for this project.

Metro Wave Media selected Dragontech-Duragon because of the vast expertise and paradigm experience in vehicle systems. "System reliability and upgrading capability is paramount in the execution of successful bus projects", declare Directors H. Ravi and R. Renjith of Metro Wave Media, "Dragontech has the capability to create advanced purpose-built systems which can meet the specific requirements of India ITS systems".

"Dragontech continues to invest in development into new and innovative technologies and solutions", says Tomi Hanninen CEO of Dragontech Systems," our partners in India will be able to maximize ROI and create unique solutions, which will improve their competitive advantages over integrators who use out-of-the box systems. Our uncompromised commitment to quality in design and products as well as lifecycle cost management will shift awareness to cost rather that price. This shift will further drive bus and railway systems technology development across India."

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