Ultra Bright IP-Connected Rail LED Destination Display

Bangkok - November 10th, 2020 - The latest product launch from Duragon Systems includes a Non-Multiplexed high brightness IP-connected LED railway destination/information display. This LED control scheme will take full advantage of the luminosity of the 1000cd/m2 brightness 590nm wavelength LED chips. As there is no row scanning, data is statically latched to the row drivers controlling each LED. This modular display consistes of modules with 16 x 32 LEDs with 8mm H/V pitch. Each module includes its own 50W power supply to ensure high quality power disrtribution through the multi-module LED matrix.

The DG-EL16128P8I-R destination display includes 10/100Mbit Ethernet and RS-485 host interfaces. The input power supply range is 9-36VDC. The onboard 32-bit CORTEX-M3 controller includes firmware for multilingual text (Indian languages, Thai and English) and arbitrary bitmaps for mandarin language display. The display supports zoning with text effects. The dedicated automotive application LED sink drivers include independent LED component diagnostics. Display brightness can be controlled 0-100%, ambient light detection is supported using a photodiode, which is not sensitive to the wavelength of the display LEDs.

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