The last mile on the road to reach system certification may be a bumpy one. Any problems encountered in certification will inevitably result is unexpected costs and project delays, in the form of re-testing and re-certification, as well as ripping up a hardware design or system to make necessary changes.

Duragon applies a multi-tier process to ensure success in testing. This includes:

  • EMC design on board level
  • Design reviews by our EMC specialists
  • Internal pre-compliance engineering tests: IP-class, surge, EFT, temperature, power supply
  • External EMC laboratory testing with reports (Emissions, Immunity and ESD)
  • Accredited certification laboratory tests – Full tests with safety review and certification

In some cases, a pre-certified system may be slightly adapted for a project. In such a case, it may be adequate to perform limited validation tests at a non-accredited EMC laboratory to perform partial tests. Different projects require different levels of certification. A project may state that EN50155 is required, but this standard includes minimum mandatory tests and a full test scope including optional tests. Compliance to the minimum may not be enough to meet project tender requirements. Therefore, we closely discuss these requirements with our clients, when the scope of works is defined.

Duragon Systems designs comply with international EN50155 and EN50121 railway and vehicle standards as well ARAI ITS-system certification of India.

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