Systems integration is a demanding task, combining skills in multiple engineering disciplines. The systems integration challenges are simplified dramatically, when system components are built to be interoperable and compatible. System solution integration also includes interface, data and software integration.

Pairing electronics and mechanical design already from the beginning, will result in increased reliability and functional integration. Duragon Systems uses the latest technologies in 3D-CAD to create enclosure solutions, which meet all mechanical and EMC-compliance requirements of a project.

When EMC is a design parameter from the start, included in all layers of the system, starting from board level circuitry to cable shielding and connector filtering, compliance and certification for a project can be successfully completed. Past experience in certification gives us the ability to understand the finite details in the design, which are required to pass EMC and safety certification. Thermal stress affects the long term reliability of a system. Conduction cooling is used for the processor and power supply components to reduce hot spots.

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