Several CPU architectures are available today to address different fucntional, computation, power consumption and I/O requirements. The suitable CPU architecture can be chosen based on application and OS requirements. Duragon can support both various multi-core ARM- as well as x86-processors. I/O management, monitoring and system control functions are assigned to a dedicated 32-bit CORTEX-M3 microcontroller. High volume and price sensitive projects require laying out the design on a single board, which closely integrates the application processor and the system management microcontroller.

Lower volume projects, and ones with short project completion schedules, merit the use of mezzanine CPU modules together with tested and proven design building blocks to complete a project effectively. The type of CPU module is selected case-by-case, including “proprietary SOM” form factor, standard Qseven, or COM-express. Prequalified high-reliability COM modules are designed onto propose-built carrier boards, which can be completely project specific in size, or follow common standard form factors. Integrated onto the system carrier board are all the I/O-functions, power supplies and interfaces with appropriate EMC, protection and filtering circuitry. This reduces the system board count and reduces internal wiring.

Full HD-resolution sunlight readable LCD-displays require careful LED backlight power supply design. Large displays may require 75-100W of power for driving the LED backlight at full brightness. Off-the-shelf low cost backlight power boards are common sources of problems, due to the lack of proper filtering and compromised grounding design. Duragon Systems has created proprietary LED backlight power supplies for each display to specifically address this problem. Furthermore, high speed LVDS signal cables are sensitive to power-line EFT and surges, if not correctly shielded and grounded. CPU boards with display interfaces include impedance matching and EMC filtering circuitry to ensure low emissions and to maintain display data integrity.

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